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Quilts ➔ Appliqued Kit Quilt, Morning Glory

Four repeated patterns of two-tone pink morning glories with green and tan leaves and two-tone small blue flowers are appliqued to the center. The same flowers and leaves form a continuous applique around the 4 center patterns. There is a 1/4" wide white bias cut binding. Embroidered on back: To My Daughter Janice/Helen L. Olson, May 1945;'To my Daughter Janice/Helen L. Olson, May, 1945'. Embroidered.;The quilt was made from a kit. Quilt kits would usually contain all the fabrics and patterns needed to complete a quilt after the quilting lines were pre-printed on the piece as a pattern to follow. The blue lines can still be seen on some places on the quilt.
circa 1945
Hand Appliqued, Embroidered, Maching Quilted, 9 Stitches Per Inch, Cotton Top, Backing, Filling, Binding, Cotton Embroidery
93" h 77" w
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On Exhibit
Gift Of Garda, Mrs. Janice
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Andrea Melvin

Olsen, Helen L. Erickson

Garda, Mrs. Janice