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Ceremonial Artifacts ➔ Putz Or Christmas Village

This set includes multiple figures, buildings, and landscape features used to create miniature Christmas scenes. Items have been subdivided by the museum into series as follows: 1) People, 2) Animals, 3) Buildings, 4) Vignettes, 5) Native Americans, 6) Japanese Garden, 7) Native American, 8) Motor Vehicles, 9) Draft-powered Vehicles, 10) Accessories, 11) Landscape Materials, 12) Photographs and Clippings. For more complete information on contents, see the accession file for the item-level inventory and series descriptions.;Relevance: This collection demonstrates the transfer and retention of an ethnic folk tradition in grand Rapids. It is an excellent example of a family celebration of a major religious and secular holiday.;The tradition of creating a putz or Christmas village was brought to America by the family of the donors from Frauenberg, Bohemia. The Christmas village was set up every year in the parlor or basement of their home in Grand Rapids for friends, neighbors, and groups to see. Set-up would begin in late October in order to finish by Christmas. The family also displayed its Christmas village at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in 1958. Many pieces in the Appelt-Kerr putz were purchased on a trip to Germany in the 1930s.;See the 'History of Ownership' in the Legal/Acquisition field.;Many pieces have individual maker's marks or labels. |
1920 – 1950
Metal, Wood, Paper Mache, Plaster, Ceramic, Composites
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Gift Of Sr., Pe, And Mary M. Appelt, Md Joseph E. Appelt

Appelt And Kerr Families

Appelt, Joseph E., Sr., PE, and Appelt, Mary M., MD