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Gift Of Estate Of Dr. Ruth Herrick
Science Tuesdays - Physics (June 2017)
Hands on table-top activities introduced key physics concepts to participants. Topics covered included Newton's Laws, pendulums, springs and Hooke's Law, slinkies, conservation angular momentum and gyroscopes, and magnetism. Artifacts that demonstrated the physics laws and concepts were used to demonstrated real-world applications.

Estate of Ruth Herrick
Born on July 6, 1895 in Ohio, Ruth Herrick became known as one of the first women physicians in Michigan. She studied at the University of Chicago Medical College and at Blodgett Memorial Hospital. Afterwards she began her practice in 1931 in Grand Rapids. She was an avid collector and took a strong interest in archaeology, having lectured at the Greenfield Village Museum and wrote and published a book entitled "Greentown glass: the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company and allied manufacturers (1959)". In 1961 she cooperated with the Kent County Medical Society in compiling a historic medical collection. She retired in 1973 and later passed away after an automobile accident on June 7, 1974, with many of her assets bequeathed to the Public Museum.