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Veterans ➔ Medal, U.S. Navy Air Medal, Squadron 62, Roger B. Chaffee, With Letter (2 Pcs.), 1962, Roger B. Chaffee Archive Collection #6

Lieutenant Roger Bruce Chaffee was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 15, 1935 to Mr. and Mrs. Donal L. Chaffee. Roget was a pilot in the Navy, and an astronaut. He is remembered, however as one of the three astronauts that were chosen for the first manned Apollo space flight, which ended in tragedy on January 27, 1967.

This U.S. Navy Air Medal is from his time as a Navy pilot where he held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and an astronaut. In this role, his main assignment was safety and quality control officer (photographic plane commander) with the Heavy Photographic Squadron Sixty-Two. This squadron completed eighty-two classified operational missions, during this period 4 April 1960 - 25 October 1962, which were of paramount military importance to the security of the United States. 
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Gift Of Mr. And Mrs. Donald L. Chaffee

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Chaffee, Mr. and Mrs. Donald L.
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