Voting Machine
Voting Machine
Voting Machine
Voting Machine
Voting Machine
Voting Machine
Voting Machine

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a. Brushed aluminum suitcase or briefcase with rounded corners, opens and assembles into standing voting machine called a 'CES Votomatic'. Briefcase opens to become the writing surface and back of the booth. Two hinged booth sides open out of the briefcase and clip to the back of the booth. Back of booth is wired for electricity. b. Inset into the writing surface is the blue insert holder for the ballot and punching tool. The ballot is still installed, and consists of the official ballot used in the Grand Rapids city elections during the November, 2000 presidential election. .c-.f: Four sets of telescoping tubular aluminum legs store in the top of briefcase/back of booth, and assemble to attach to the booth on the bottom of the case.;This voting machine was utilized in the City of Grand Rapids for the 2000 Presidential Election, and is of the same type that proved to be the deciding factor in that controversial election.;Used by residents of the City of Grand Rapids for official elections, including the 2000 presidential elections, which were won/lost due to controversial decisions in Florida involving the proper/improper use of similar voting machines.;Used by the City Clerk's Office, City of Grand Rapids, for official elections.;1) Metal tag attached to blue ballot insert: 'CES Votomatic'. Paper label on bottom lip of briefcase, 'CES COMPUTER ELECTION SYSTEMS INC. / BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA/ PAT. NO. 3,620,587 SER. NO.' Red tape label on bottom lip of briefcase, '1-1'. |
circa 2000
Aluminum, Plastic, Paper
61" h 23.5" w 21.5" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Office Of The City Clerk City Of Grand Rapids

Voting! Making it Count (October 1 – November 13 2016)
Vote! Making it Count explores the ways voting has changed throughout American history. The voting process has evolved in response to social, cultural and technological developments. One of the most important political rights U.S. citizens have is the right to vote, and it is crucial to the health of democracy.
Computer Election Systems, Incorporated

Grand Rapids City Clerk

City of Grand Rapids, Office of the City Clerk