Military Uniform
Military Uniform
Military Uniform
Military Uniform
Military Uniform
Military Uniform
Military Uniform

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World War I
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This two-piece uniform is a United States Navy Reserve uniform from the United States Armed Forces. It was worn during World War I. 

Ths uniform is made of navy blue wool and is comprised of two pieces that include a jacket and a skirt. The jacket has a patch on the proper left shoulder that represents yeoman Petty Officer First Class ranking. 

Yeoman (F) was a rank in World War I for women who enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve. 
1916 – 1918
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Amos Nordman

United States Navy Reserve
The United States Navy Reserve, also known as USNR, was founded in 1915 as the United States Naval Reserve. It is a service branch of the United States Navy that specializes in providing strategic depth and operational capabilities. The USNR works to aid the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces in the full range of military operations from peace to war. In 2005 the name was changed to the United States Navy Reserve. 
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