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Archival Collections ➔ Archival Collection #209 - Grand Rapids Textile And Machinery Company

Small archival collection for the Grand Rapids Textile Machine Co. (formerly named the Grand Rapids Textile and Machinery Corp.) consists of: one double-sided binder sheet advertising three machines made by the company and explaining how a calendar and a folder work; one yellowed color photographic print of a textile calendering machine in a factory setting, and one color advertising postcard showing a photograph of a calendering machine on the front and text on the back. The Grand Rapids Textile and Machinery Co. was started by Wendell Shields in the early 1900s (possibly as late as the 1920s). Shield's son took over the company but due to poor management the company was split into two divisions, textile manufacturing and textile manufacturing machinery in the late 1960s. The company primarily made calendar and folding machines and cuff cutters. Calendar machines are used to straighten, steam and roll long lengths of knit fabric. A folder folded the lengths of fabric to make them usable lengths. Hogendyk made improvements on the machines and was given patents on many of his improvement. The machines were sold nationwide to companies such as Jockey, Munising and some prisons. Hogendyk sold the business in 1989.

A full listing of the contents of this collection can be found in the Finding Aid that is attached to the media section of this catalog entry.
1969 – 2000
Paper, Cardboard
Gift Of Nancy Karnes

Grand Rapids Textile Machine Company

Karnes, Nancy