Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves
Dress and Sleeves

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Clothing and Accessories
Women's Clothing ➔ Dress and Sleeves

This wool day dress features a floral pattern and pleating on the center front of the bodice. The bodice has a basque waist and pleats. There are also pleats and gathers at the center back of the dress. There are optional sleeves that allow this dress to go from short sleeves for the evening and long sleeves for day wear. The optional sleeves also allowed the wearer to don this dress during all seasons. Features that are indicative of the mid-nineteenth century are the bell silhouette, the center front pleats, and the optional sleeves. The fabric print and workmanship are similar to that found in dress #125170.
circa 1840
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On Exhibit
Gift Of Mrs. Earle J. Byers

Artifact GR (2012 – 2013)
Artifact GR was a project which invited members of the community into the archives of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and asked them to write about their experiences.  The resulting submissions were cataloged in an interactive website (www.artifactgr.org) and in a published book (http://www.blurb.com/b/4400444-the-artifact-projectsoftcover).

Fashion + Nature (April 2022 – April 2024)
Fashion + Nature examines the relationships between the natural world and the fashion industry. Clothing has long been produced with natural materials and inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world, but the fashion industry has had a largely negative impact on the environment. This exhibit showcases a wide variety of captivating scientific specimens and fascinating garments, to illustrate their relationship to each other and their interconnected histories. Fashion + Nature aims to inspire and educate visitors, encouraging us to become better consumers and reduce the harmful impacts of the fashion industry.
Mrs. Earle J. Byers
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