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Softcover book containing political cartoons. Contains reproductions of the weekly newspaper feature, "Razzing the Rapids" by Ray Barnes. Each page "razzes" a prominent Grand Rapids person with funny illustrations and jokes. See secondary image for a typical entry. The back of the book contains an alphabetical index of all the individuals included in the book.;This publication is an excellent addition to the collection. It provides a fascinating glimpse into many important players in Grand Rapids history. The humorous angle is very different than many of the rather dry biographical sketches that usually describe these individuals. Business leaders, politicians, doctors, lawyers, realtors, etc. are all featured, each with hand drawn cartoon illustrations and jokes. This material is not original, as it was all published in the Sunday Grand Rapids Herald, but this book puts many years of the column in a convenient format, with an index that may prove very useful to museum staff or general researchers.
Printed, Paper, Ink
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Gift Of Katherine And Robert Kimball
Melvin, Andrea

Barnes, Ray

Katherine and Robert Kimball