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Furniture Industry Archives ➔ Stereoview, Workers Pose on Log Jam at DGH&M Railroad Bridge

Several workers, men and boys, pose on logs in the river and on top of the bridge. Handwriting on verso identifies this scene as "D. G. H. & M. Rail Road Bridge, July 26th 1883", an abbreviation for the Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway (D., G.H. & M).

This stereoscopic view is part of a series that document a big log jam at the Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railway (D., G.H. & M) Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On July 26th, 1883 the center portion of the bridge gave way and thousands of logs flowed down river. Three railroad bridges were destroyed and damaged several others.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Michigan produced more lumber than any other state. Cities such as Grand Rapids, Michigan used the logging industry to support demands for lumber in the furniture industry. When heavy rain occurred in June and July of 1883, the lumberman took advantage of the fast current to float logs downriver causing a great jam on the Grand River.
July 26 1883
4.5" h 7" w
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Gift Of Heirs Of Myra Robinson Studley

Harrison Park School Grand River Exhibit (2014)
The fifth Grade class at harrison park Elementary created this exhibit for there school after participating int he Immerse program at the museum.  
Heirs of Myra Robinson Studley
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